Monday, November 21, 2011

I have Angry Bird Mini Rolls

I have been playing Angry Birds Games on Ipad for the last few nights.  BTW, I am not someone who enjoying this kind of entertainment, I would rather doing something else.  But Angry Birds has drew my attention, seeing many people playing and it is quite popular.  I don't want to be outdated or leave behind. 
Last night, while I was with these birds, hb suggested that we should compete, then the two old ppl, have a race till mid night.  We ended up tackle the birds together to the last leve. Yeah we won ! What a crazy one.

I  baked a peach roll the other day and hb told me that the cake texture was so soft, he then reminded me to make a special mark to this roll so that next time I could stick to this recipe. On the second day, I baked Angry Bird Mini Rolls using the same recipe.  


A :     3 nos Egg Yolks  15g Castor Sugar 60g Water  40g Oil  80g Cake Flour
B :    3 nos Egg White 50g Castor Sugar  1/2 tsb corn flour
C :  4tbsp mixture of A  1tsp of cake flour  1 no egg white  Some corn flour

1. Draw the angry birds on the baking paper as shown.

2 Using the C, mix with desired colour, (I started with black outline) pipe to the drawing
3. Bake with 200 C for 2 min, continue with yellow and red.
4. Using the chiffon cake method, pour the cake mixture to the pan and bake for 13-15min 
5. When the cake is ready, slowly tear off the baking paper.

The cake will look like like this. 

I shown the mini rolls to hb after he back from work, he looked at the rolls and 

Hb : Wow the birds look very angry.
Me : Without a single word.
Indeed I should have answer Of cause, these are angry birds.


  1. 哇,好可爱哦~


  2. Sonia,
    Haha, this is angry bird

  3. 娇娇

  4. This is a pretty good I have played a LOT of games in my life and at lest played with players of a competitive level. This pretty much hit's the nail on the head. Good Work.
    Angry Birds Games



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