Monday, November 14, 2011

My favourite Kuih ever - Pak Thong Koh - 白糖糕

Pak Thong Koh, - one of my favourite kuih.  When even I have a chance to go "yam cha" this is always something in our  ORDER LIST. After moved to Sydney, we still yet to find a good yam cha restaurant.  Ya, we missed Grand Harbour Auckland. (╰_╯)#
It took me awhile to browse thru  the recipe from all over the site, just to make sure I can have a nice Pak Thong Koh. I finally got Aunty Yochana's recipe (from Y3K) And Thanks to her wonderful recipe.

* For those who want to make this kuih, LISTEN ! You will  need at least 5 day to get this kuih done.
I know, I know it is long. 
BUT You Wouldn't REGRET, trust me C:*

Starter Dough:

100 gm. cooked rice (boil overnight and leave to cool)
1/2 Tbsp. Ragi (wine biscuit - chiew piah)- can buy from malay market
1 tsp. sugar
1/2 Tbsp. water 


Mix all the above ingredients together and leave it to ferment for 2 days (48 hrs). Keep in a container, covered and best to keep in a cupboard to let it ferment. After 48 hours, weigh out 60gm. and balance can keep in the fridge.

Kuih starter Dough:

60 gm. of the fermented starter dough

100 gm. rice flour
Some plain water


Mix the starter dough and rice flour and if you find it too dry, add in some plain water. Put into a container, covered and let it ferment again for about 16 - 18 hours. Weigh out only 80 gms. of this kuih starter dough.

Ingredients (A):

220 gm. rice flour

30 gm. tapioca flour
280 gm. water

Ingredients (B):

200 gm. castor sugar

400 ml. water
3 blades of pandan leaves (tied into a knot)

Ingredients (C):

80 gm. of the fermented kuih starter dough

Ingredients (D):

1/4 tsp. Alkaline water/ lye water or air abu ( I left out this ) 

1 tsp. cooking oil


(1) Combine ingredients (A) together in a big mixing bowl. Set aside.

(2) Bring ingredients (B) to a boil, then discard pandan leaves. Pour half portion into no. (1) and mix well. Cool the remaining half portion for about 2 mins. before pouring into the rice flour mixture in the mixing bowl. Mix well, leave mixture to cool.
(3) Add the 80 gm. of fermented kuih starter dough and sieve it. Let it ferment again for about 12 - 14 hours.
(4) add oil into the fermented mixture (3). Add alkaline water and mix well before pouring into a greased 10" round steaming tray. Steam for about 15 - 20 mins over medium heat. Testwith a skewer before removing from the steamer.

(5) You can glaze the pak thong koh with some oil whilst still hot and cool well before cutting kuih into pieces.

Before you move to Step 4, your mixture should be full of bubble, it took me 20 hour to get these bubble.  (Aunty Yochana used 14hour. ) It depend on the temperature.

I let it fermented over night,  and steam it first thing in the morning.
Hb and I were so eager to see how 's the kuih .... Once I took it out from the steamer
And Yes !!!
And Hooray!!!
And I Made It !!!


  1. Not sure if I can buy Chiew Piah here.

  2. Playing in kitchen
    you should be able to get it from asian supermarket

  3. Hi Angie, I very much wanted to make this as this was my childhood kinda breakfast then. However, I was lazy and couldn't wait for many days for the process to make PTK, so I tried a simple fuss free recipe but wasn't successful. With your PTK post and success, you very much tempting me to give this a try again. I truly share your joy for your success. I will be jumping in joy to see the honey comb too ;) I shall challenge this again after my lapis madness hehe...

  4. Yummy yummy.... it has been one of the items in my 'to do' list bu up till now, I have not done it yet.... ha ha... Your kueh sure look nice!

  5. Well done and congratulation to ur success. Haha... Ya, patient n times u need for this.

  6. Hearty Bakes
    i was preparing my tapai again, think of doing it. Come join me C:

  7. 茵茵
    화이팅, jiayou loh.
    what u need is patience

  8. Jane,
    Finally.... i made it.hehe

  9. Angie,Its my favourite too. It takes 5 days to make this....oh boy!Constance

  10. I know Constance, it takes long time to get the ptk, anyway this a really a good recipe.



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