Tuesday, April 20, 2010

甜而不腻- 甜甜圈

差不多每星期天的早餐,都会听到儿子交待他爸爸给他买甜甜圈。 那天欣赏Sonia的佳作时发现了这甜甜圈,很想尝试,但忙了,搁下了,就忘了。昨晚还在想今天做些什么给孩子当下午茶呢,就像起了甜甜圈。

特别感谢Sonia 的分享。食谱这里拿

甜甜圈 (12个)


A  高粉412g     水 247ml   酵母10g (2小匙)
B  高粉103g    全蛋 41g   砂糖  62g   盐Salt 10g   奶粉15g   牛油 62g    水26g


1. 将材料A混合,搓成光滑不粘手的面团,放置一旁待发一小时或双倍
2. 再将材料B 加入1中,继续搓至有弹性
3. 把面团分成每个60克的小圆团,静置10分钟
4. 在面团中间弄个圆洞,整型
5. 烧开油,炸至金黄,撒上砂糖。

Specially Thanks to Sonia. hit this for the recipe

Ingrediant    - Makes about 12pcs

A)High Protein Flour 412g   Water 247ml   Instant dry yeast 10g (about 2tsp)

B)High Protein Flour 103g    Egg 41g (about 1-2 eggs)   Sugar 62g   Salt 10g   Milk powder 15g  Butter 62g   Water 26g

1. Mix (A) ingredients and knead till smooth dough, set aside and rest for 1hour or double in size.
2. Mix (B) ingredients with dough (A), knead till elastic.
3. Weight dough 60g each and shape it into a ball, set aside and rest for 10mins.
4. Made a hole in the middle of the dough, and shape it like a donut shape (don’t need to use donut cutter, also you can check out the video to have better understanding).
5. Fry in hot oil until golden brown, once done, immediately coat with sugar.
下一回,可以把巧克力附上,再加上Hundred N Thousand。 我想像儿子那开心的样子。



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